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If you are an individual or a business faced with worrying financial difficulties here at Platinum Partnership we have the professional expertise to help you to meet the challenges you face.

We provide impartial in depth one to one advice through to assisting you in any formal legal proceedings that may arise with a view to finding the right exit strategy to suit your particular set of circumstances. By identifying the right solution at the earliest opportunity you can reduce your exposure to financially adverse consequences.

Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you in a range of scenarios including debt matters, bankruptcy, IVAs, CVAs, PVAs and liquidation – whether in anticipation of legal proceedings or in dealing with their legal consequences. Our team of lawyers are passionate about our services and our clients will see this in the quality of work we do for them.

We aim to deliver the best quality of work to our clients to give the “friend in need” service. We provide professional support in the following areas;

Debt matters; Bankruptcy; IVAs; CVAs; PVAs; Liquidations; Administrations.

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