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PPS has become one of the first to offer a 24 hour employers helpline.

PPS has got together with one of the biggest employment advisors in the country to offer the service to businesses across the UK.

All advisors are CIPD or legal equivalent qualified with over 5-years post certification experience.

We have found there is a huge demand for an efficient and inexpensive service for employers which they can access without being tied into a cumbersome subscription service or be charged for every minute of advice they receive.

As a business you want to be able to concentrate on running your firm without the constant threat of not complying with ever-changing regulations.

It is especially aimed at those businesses who can’t see their solicitor within normal working hours but want the very best advice at their fingertips.

The new service ensures that businesses have expert advice at hand whatever the time and circumstances. This is all the more important in an emergency and PPS are committed to helping businesses when they need fast and friendly advice the most.

We think the new service will be popular with many businesses as it can save them a great deal of hassle and inconvenience.

It is particularly important for employers in the current climate to know how legislation can affect them.

A simple call may well avoid their business being exposed to costly litigation, tribunals and adverse publicity.

It is also just one of the ways were reaching out to businesses to keep them fully informed of the changes in legislation which may affect them.

To take advantage of the helpline call Platinum Partnership Solicitors 0845 490 5000.

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