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WHY its crucial to make a Will..

BECAUSE its important to make sure whatever you leave behind goes to the people you want it to. Leaving a will takes the pain and stress away from your family at the most difficult time.

We are expert Will writing solicitors and can help you protect the things you’ve worked hard for. Whether your affairs are simple or complicated, we can make the process of making a Will cost-effective and stress free.

We are still able to serve your legal needs during social distancing

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown and the social distancing guidelines we have had to change the way we work but we can still offer you this service, stress free, so don’t worry, we will guide you.

We do simple fixed fee Wills, and Wills for more complex estates too.

Everybody should have a will, but it is more important when you marry, divorce, have children or have assets to look after.

How to avoid inheritance tax

Marriage, civil partnership or divorce

If you’re just about to get married, you will want comfort in knowing that your assets will go to your loved ones. Or if a relationship comes to an end, you’ll want to settle matters as quickly and painlessly as possible and without costly court disputes. We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategy that’s fair for you and your family, protecting your financial security – and your well-being.

Wealth management and protection

We understand that it is imperative that your wealth and assets are protected for future generations following your death. When you’re making a Will, you can also maximise the value of your hard earned assets through effective estate planning. We can help with efficient tax planning in order to achieve significant tax savings to help you manage your wealth now and in the future.

Other milestones

There are numerous other reasons why you would want to make a will. When buying a house, to the birth of your children. Any life changing event can result in making a Will very important. Changes in the law and tax legislation may also mean that it’s important to make or update a Will.

If your Will is straightforward, we can offer you a fixed fee. However if you already have a Will in place, we can also help you update it if your circumstances change.

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